Merritt Island Pool Cleaning

We provide a wide variety of services, pool maintenance and repairs. 

Concrete Color Sealer and Protector

We provide and apply Sealers, Stains and other Concrete Protectors by Innovative Concrete Technology.

Pool Cleaning

We are a full-service Pool Cleaning company.  For details, please visit the Southern Pool Cleaning page.

Equipment Repair



Our trained pool maintenance team will check your pool equipment and accessories, supply you with a quotation and then take care of any repairs and maintenance required, supplying you with a quote first. Remember that pool service clients enjoy loyalty reward discounts on new purchases as well as repairs.

Water Testing

Regular testing of water chemistry in your pool or spa can help you maintain a healthy and attractive aquatic environment. A proper level of sanitizer, such as chlorine or bromine, helps to protect bathers from potentially harmful micro-organisms. Water that is out of balance can cause burning eyes and irritated skin, and can potentially lead to a serious illness. We can test your water for you or instruct you on the proper methods of pool water testing.

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