Do It Yourself Build

If you would like to build a pool for yourself, we can supply you with a complete pool kit and instructions and supervision along the way.


This page includes photos of a recent do it yourself project.


Stair Insert (optional) Concrete ring beam at base of wall and stair.

Liner Fitted and Vacuumed back ready to fill pool

Concrete Deck Poured

Fence or Screen

Fox Pool #2

Excavation (2' over dig for access)

Coping on / Floor Screed down

Pipework Install / pool filled

Install Pump / Filter /Chlorine Generator

Safety Baby Fence

Fox Pool #5

Panel Assembly

Skimmer/Return fitted. Underlay & Tape.

Back Filled / Electrical Bonding

Apply Deck Finish and stain

Fox Pool #1

Fox Pool #6

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